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  • Yamaha factory backed
  • Only genuine parts used on repairs
  • Fishing, water ski and dive equipment up to $1,500 for each item and $10,000 in total
  • Personal effects owned by you and your passengers covering clothing, shoes, waterproof gear and manchester up to $10,000 in total
  • Emergency land transit towing cost $5,000. Nil excess.
  • Tyre and rim cover $1,500. Nil excess.
  • Repatriation costs $2,000. Nil excess.
  • Pollution cover – the accidental discharge, release or escape of fuel, lubricants and clean up after an accident of $100,000.
  • Up to $20,000 cover to the named insured from an accident occurring when using your boat, for death, permanent, and total loss of sight, use of a limb, thumb or any finger.
  • Lost keys $1,500. Nil excess.
  • Layup, premium discount for the months your boat or personal water craft is not used.
  • $2 million legal liability standard for boats and personal water craft.


All of these are accessible  through Fishing Boats NZ –  Every insurance package has a 21 day cooling off period.