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Demo Weekend

Want to go on a sea test before the demo weekend?

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Fishing Boats, a leading provider of high-performance watercraft, eagerly invites boat enthusiasts to experience the thrill of Yamaha-powered Surtees and Senator boats through their exciting Demo Weekends. These special events are designed to give boaties a unique opportunity to test drive and explore the unparalleled capabilities of these top-of-the-line vessels.

With Yamaha’s powerful and reliable engines propelling Surtees and Senator boats, participants can expect a seamless and exhilarating boating experience. The Demo Weekends serve as an ideal platform for individuals to assess the boats’ handling, performance, and innovative features firsthand.

Whether it’s the robust design of Surtees or the cutting-edge technology integrated into Senator boats, Fishing Boats ensures that enthusiasts can make informed decisions about their watercraft choices. Attendees are encouraged to embrace the spirit of adventure and immerse themselves in the unmatched quality and craftsmanship that define Yamaha-powered Surtees and Senator boats during these engaging and informative Demo Weekends.

Our Next Demo Weekend


May 25th and 26th


Z pier, 79 Westhaven drive



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